Gourmet Sandwiches made on our fresh baked breads, focaccia, bagels and buns.

Mediterranean Wraps

Daily Homemade Soup served with a slice of multigrain bread

Bagel with cream cheese

Quiches made from scratch on location choose Quiche Lorraine or our vegetarian quiche which is usually Spinach & Feta Cheese Quiche.

Lunch Salads a full plate of fresh lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cheese, sunflower seeds and your choice of tuna, black forest ham, or smoked turkey breast for your salad. Creamy raspberry dressing or our vinaigrette dressing made on location as well.

Side Salad with any meal just pay a little extra choose our Creamy Raspberry dressing or our Vinaigrette dressing.

Yves Veggie Dogs a tofu dog wrapped in our own multigrain bread dough

Sausage Rolls made with 100% lean beef wrapped in our puff pastry dough

Veggie Rolls spinach, broccoli and sweet red peppers surrounded by puff pastry dough.

Bavarian Smokies pork/beef sausage wrapped in our own sour dough bread.

Non-Hydrogenated Trans Fat-Free Baking

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